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Currently, the rapid growth of populations in African countries has economic potential with a large level of consumption. Seeing this potential, on January 15, 2018, the Company established a subsidiary in Nigeria named Muncul Nigeria Limited. Muncul Nigeria Limited will be focused on distributing Sido Muncul products to Nigeria and other African countries.

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Kuku Bima Ener-G! Dambe Competition

  23-07-2021 - 25-07-2021

Centuries old martial art has received mainstream attention of Nigerian people. Dambe's history stems from the Hausa people in northern Nigeria and is thought..

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Kuku Bima Ener-G! Mango Flavour Launching


Kuku Bima Ener-G Mango Flavour – adding yet another exciting addition to the Kuku Bima Ener-G range of fruity flavours that have been enjoyed by our loyal consu

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Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity


Sido Muncul has a good achievement in the export market, not only because of its good reputation but also because of our good products. We are open to expand

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